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MPM1D Chapter 6

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 Chapter 6 - Analyse Linear Relations


MPM1D Homepage


Date Topic Homework 
Wed. Slope Y-Intercept Form (y=mx+b)   
Thurs. Equation of Line - Standard Form  p. 313 #1,2,4-7,10ab 
Fri. Graph Using Intercepts  p. 319 #1,2cde,3ace,4bc,5cd,6-9,11,13 
Mon. Worksheets: Graphing Lines Finish worksheets
Tues. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines  p. 328 # 2abc, 3-8, 11 
Wed. Linear Systems p. 348 #1, 2ac, 7, 9-12
Thurs. Find the Equation of a Line, given Slope and an Point p. 335 #1abde, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8
Fri. Find the Equation of a Line, given 2 Points

p. 341 C1, C2

p. 342 #1bc, 2-8

Mon. Review Day 1


Tues. Review Day 2  
Wed. Chapter 6 Test EQAO Assignment - Due Monday

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