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MCR3U Unit 7

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Unit 7 - Compound Interest and Annuities

Cavanagh Homepage

3U Homepage

3U Unit 7 Outline.pdf





Date Topic / Notes to Print Complete Notes Homework

Tues Dec 10

7.1 Simple & Compound Interest 

7.1 Simple and Compound Interest.pdf

 7.1 Simple and Compound Interest Dec 10.pdf

p.423 # C3,3,5,8,11

p.433 # 1,3d,5c,6,9,11,14


Wed Dec 11

7.2 Compound Interest Continued

7.2 Compound Interest.pdf

 7.2 Compound Interest Continued Dec 11.pdf

p. 441 #C2,1b,2,4-6,8,9,11,14,17


Thurs Dec 12

7.3 Amount of an Annuity

7.3 Amount of an Annuity.pdf

 7.3 Amount of Annuities Dec 12.pdf

p. 453 # C2,2bc,4-6,8,11,12a




Fri Dec 13

7.4 Present Value of an Annuity

7.4 Present Value of an Annuity.pdf

 7.4 PV of Annuities Dec 13.pdf

p. 461 # C2,3bc,4,6—9,11,12,14


Mon Dec 16

7.5 Mortgages

7.5 Mortgages.pdf



 7.5 Mortgages Dec 16.pdf

 7.5 HMK handout.docx

7.5 HW Handout Solutions.pdf

Tues Dec 17

Continue Mortgages

Start Review

7.5 Mortgages Contd Dec 17.pdf


Chapter Review

P464 -467. (with and without G.C.)


Unit 7 Review.docx

Unit 7 Review Solutions.pdf

Wed Dec 18

Thurs Dec 19  Unit 7 Test    
Wed Jan 15 

Senior Rewrite 



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