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2D - Unit 3

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UNIT 3 - Quadratic Relations     

                                                                                                                                      2D Homepage

                                                                                                                                    2D Course Material


UWaterloo Online MPM2D Lessons

Recognizing Quadratics from Tables of Values

Properties of Parabolas

Introduction to Standard, Factored and Vertex Forms 

(Skip: Solving Problems in Standard Form, and Equivalent Equations in Factored and Vertex Form, Check Your Understanding 3&4)

Graphing and Equations in Vertex Form

Exploring Factored Form

Graphing and Equations in Factored Form

Negative Bases and Integer Exponents

Comparing y=x2 and y=2x



Date  Topic / Notes to Print  Complete Notes  Homework 
Mon Mar 23    

Fractions Extra Practice.pdf

1.4B Handout Fractions Review.pdf  (No word problems)


Week of April 6

Work for the week of April 6th

*Login to Google Classroom - More information, quizzes and assessments will be posted on classroom


3.1 Investigating Non-Linear Relationships 

3.1 Investigating Non Linear Relationships.pdf

* Use desmos for technology questions

 3.1 Inv Non-Lin Rel Oct 17.pdf


p. 166 # C1,2,3,4,5

3.2 Quadratic Relations 

3.2 Quadratic Relations.pdf


Textbook References:

p. 168 (Quadratic Relations, parabola, vertex, axis of symmetry)

p. 169 (finite differences- first and second differences)

p. 171 (Key Concepts)


Khan Academy Video:

Intro to the Parabola

 3.2 Quad Relations Pct 18.pdf

p. 172 # 1, 2, 3, 9 (by hand)

p. 172 # 5, 6 (technology) 


3.3 Investigating Transformations 

3.3 Investigating Transformations.pdf


Textbook References

p. 177 (Key Concepts)


Khan Academy:

Translating Parabolas

(You dont need to understand f(x) or g(x))

Stretching and Reflecting Parabolas

(Lots of details you don't need to worry about)

3.3 Investigating Transformations Oct21.pdf

p. 178 # C2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14(use desmos) 

3.3 Extra Practice.pdf


Required Terminology to describe Transformations

- Horizontal Translations

- Vertical Translations 

- Vertical Stretch by (for example) 2  (if a=2)

- Vertical Compression by (for example) 3 (if a=1/3)

- Reflection in the x-axis


3.4 Graphing: Vertex Form

3.4 Graphing y = a(x-h)^2+k.pdf


Textbook References

p. 181 (What you can find about y=a(x-h)2+k)

p. 182-183 (Examples 1-3)

p. 184 (Key Concepts)


Khan Academy:

Intro: Vertex Form

Practice: Graphing Vertex Form

 3.4 Graphing y=a(x-h)^2+k Oct 22.pdf

3.4B Eqautions of Parabolas Oct 23.pdf


 p. 185 C3, 1-7 


* Minimum of 5 points must be plotted



   3.4B Work Period Handout.pdf  

3.5 Applications: Vertex Form

3.5 Applications Vertex Form.pdf


Textbook References

p. 183 (Example 3)


Khan Academy:

Quadratic Word Problems (Vertex Form)

Practice: Word Problems

Solving Quadratics by taking the Square Root

More Solving Examples

 3.5 Equations in Vertex Form Oct 24(1).pdf

p. 186 #10-15

Green Handout Graphing #1-18 (eeo) 


3.6 Graphing: Factored Form

3.6 Factored Form.pdf


Textbook References:

p. 189 (y=a(x-r)(x-s), zeros)

p. 190-191 (Examples 1 & 2)

p. 191 (Key Concepts)


Khan Academy:

Graphing from Factored Form

 3.6 Factored Form Oct 25.pdf

p. 192 # 3bc, 4ad, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11


* Minimum of 5 points must be plotted


Graphing Work Period - IF TIME PERMITS





Work Period Handout.docx


3.7 Negative and Zero Exponents

3.7 Zero and Negative Exponents.pdf


Textbook References:

p. 197-198


Khan Academy:

Negative Exponents

Negative Exponent Intuition

 3.7 Zero and Neg eXP oCT 29.pdf

p. 199 # 1-5, 11



p. 202 #1-10

p. 204 #1-11


 Unit 3 Test



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